Why Serums can Inhibit Wrinkles

In the world of skin products, there are an abundant amount of different options to choose from when it comes to creams, lotions, or serums for all different types of skin. Now, as human’s age, each human’s skin is diverse whether it has to do with texture, skin type including moisture level, and genetics. What each individual does have in common with their skin is wrinkles. At some point in time, each person starts having wrinkles on their face, their body, or their neck. Wrinkles can be due to many causes such as sun damage, the natural process of aging, and lack of moisture. Some do not mind the look of wrinkles as it shows their aging process while others would like to prevent or manage their wrinkles. For individuals who do not want to go under the needle, in particular botox, to inhibit wrinkles, there are serums that have a similar effect to botox because they slow the reaction time of facial muscles. Serums that inhibit wrinkles should have a few key ingredients to get the similar effect of botox. These ingredients are: argireline and gingko biloba. These key ingredients are vital in the serum that is chosen to help in the inhibition of wrinkles.            


Many people choose to do botox because it paralyzes the muscle, which prevents movement and diminishes wrinkles. But why go under the needle when there are natural remedies to achieve the same effect?  For those individuals who would like to try the more natural method, when choosing a skin serum check the ingredients to make sure it includes argireline. Argireline is a peptide, which is the basis for proteins in particular: collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the two compounds of the skin that allow it to look firm, plump, and radiant. What argireline does is that it focuses on wrinkles. How does it do that? It targets the nerve to muscle communication, which leads to the muscle not being able to contract, just like botox. By paralyzing the muscle, it makes the skin wrinkle free and in turn, begins collagen production. Argireline also helps the skin with hydration, which is beneficial as well. Although argeriline will be applied topically and you are thinking that botox will go deeper since it is used with a needle, that is somewhat true, but this peptide has the capability of building more capillaries that are needed for elastin and producing collagen.

Another vital ingredient that the serum you are looking to purchase to inhibit wrinkles is gingko biloba. Gingko biloba comes from comes from a tree making it a natural product and when extracted it is very valuable for inhibiting wrinkles as well as providing hydration for the skin. This natural ingredient has anti-oxidant effects that aid in the appearance and the quality of the skin. Since the skin that we have goes through so many stressors such as: aging, sun damage, environmental, and makeups that may clog pores, gingko biloba reduces these stressors also known as free radicals. How it does this is that the ingredient itself is an antioxidant so by applying it topically, it reduces the wrinkles and keeps the skin firm as well. By doing the job of reducing wrinkles and assisting in skin hydration, gingko biloba also increases collagen production. How it does so, is by stimulating fibroblasts in the skin, which is significant in being able to have the skin look tight and inhibit wrinkles. Having gingko biloba as a component in the serum you choose to inhibit wrinkles will allow you to use a more naturalistic approach to inhibit wrinkles and also provide your skin with extra great benefits at the same time.


Choosing a serum to inhibit wrinkles is a tough choice, but now reading and knowing about two vital elements to look for when choosing one will make your decision a bit easier. Both argireline and gingko biloba have numerous added benefits in inhibiting wrinkles and as you have read more information on these ingredients, you can see that they have very similar effects to that of botox due to their ability in decreasing the reaction time for the facial muscles to contract just like how botox does. Although these ingredients do not paralyze the muscle like botox, its quite similar effect that it does cause to inhibit wrinkles is pretty noticeable especially it being a topical serum. I hope we have informed you on an alternative and more natural mechanism to inhibit wrinkles if you do not have the urge to go under the needle just yet or ever! So make sure to read your ingredients and give your skin the added benefits it wants and needs. We recommend Sorme’s Line Stop Serum!

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