Why More Women & People of Color Are Joining The Firearm Industry

At the beginning of the 21st century, only thirteen percent of women-owned firearms across the country. Almost twenty-five percent of gun owners in America are women, with a vast majority of this number purchasing a gun for security purposes. After the pandemic affected people’s lives globally, women stepped up for the sake of their families and the security of their homes. Though the unsettling nature brought by COVID-19 is the spark that sent women into the arms business, it is a welcomed development towards diversity within the industry. Several factors have led to the increase in the number of women in the firearm business, from political to social factors.

Factors Leading to Diversity in the Firearm Industry

After the unanticipated events of the year 2020, a vast majority of law-abiding Americans from all walks of life decided to take safety matters into their own hands. This has increased the number of minorities and females purchasing firearms for security for their businesses and homes. Safety has been a motivating factor to the high increase of these diverse groups in the firearm business.

Political issues around gun control and ownership are slowly altering the restrictions to owning a firearm by upholding a strict screening process that is unbiased. Statistics from The Wall Street Journal have identified a record number of women and minority candidates for a political office being pro-second amendment. With diversity increasing in American politics, we are witnessing more candidates embracing gun ownership.

Firearm sports are also gaining a lot of traction across the nation, with a wide range of culturally different participants. A sport dominated by American men has now become diverse, with women and minority groups joining and conquering it. This indicates that gun ownership can be a fun pastime rather than a dangerous tool that threatens your well-being and that of others. Many sportsmen and women represent the country in firearm sports on international platforms such as the Olympics.

Law enforcement and security bodies have diversified their recruitment of minority groups, resulting in more women and racially diverse candidates joining the army, police force, and many others. This group of individuals contributes to the diversity which is taking over the firearm industry. Due to their line of work where firearms are necessary, they attract customers from these minority groups in purchasing arms.

In Summary

Today’s gun buyers are becoming more American, regardless of ethnicity or gender. Purchasing a firearm arm by the minority no longer raises red flags since it is becoming a national trend. Firearms could be an integral factor in eliminating racial stereotypes simply because most buyers bear women and minorities all over the country.

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