Wearing a shift dress and making the best out of it

A classic shift dress is an incredibly comfortable and versatile outfit. This wardrobe is perfect for both business and any holiday occasions.

But the main thing that distinguishes such a dress from all other styles is that it fits perfectly into almost any type of figure. If you want to hide your figure, choose a loose dress and if you want to emphasize it, feel free to choose a tight-fitting model.

Popularized in the 1960s, the shift dress is a simple straight-line dress with no emphasis on the bust or waist areas. The simple design of the shift dress is possible for a lot of experimentation with the accessories to enhance it.

Wearing a shift dress makes for a simple and easy to wear look that can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood or the occasion.


1 Incorporate more dress of a change into your wardrobe. Shift dresses are versatile, coming in solid color shades or intricate and attractive patterns. Choose some of your favorite looks so you can have a variety.

2 Choose a solid color of gray, black, navy, or another conservative color for business wear. Pair with a matching blazer to make it look professional.

3 Take off your jacket at night and dress it up with some chunky red jewelry and an “updo” hairstyle. Cinch a belt around the waist that matches the red, showy jewelry.

4 Wear a cropped-style cardigan or cute top over the sheath dress. The cropped style accentuates your waist and gives the dress a conservative yet feminine look.

5 Choose shoes that make a statement with the outfit. Stiletto heels with open toes add a “pin-up” look to the otherwise plain dress, slide-on flat sandals will add a bohemian look.

Advice and warnings

Recreate the classic Audrey Hepburn beauty by wearing a simple little black dress and accessorising with several layers of chunky bangles, pearl necklaces and tightly pinned-up hair.

Start by choosing a tough, classic shift dress for the job. If possible, match the dress with the appropriate jacket or cute top, then you can wear it at conferences or business meetings.

Buy a black, dark gray or navy shift dress. Dark fabrics most often go to the face and it is easier to choose accessories for them.

Try a sleeveless striped shift dress. This model can be supplemented with a straight jacket, and you can wear a shirt with a collar underneath.

Slip a cardigan over the dress in shifts. A multi-colored cardigan over a plain dress will make you look stylish without sacrificing your comfort.

Experiment with length. Often, designers offer midi or maxi shift dresses. Do not choose models that are too short for work – opt for long options.

Pair a sleeveless shift dress with a long sleeve shirt and tights of the same color. This 60s style looks friendly and bold at the same time. Brighten your look by choosing a flashy color dress.

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