Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Necklace

It’s been a few days that you’ve had a weird feeling in your neck like something is missing? Simple! What you’re missing is a new necklace, and in this article, you’ll find simple tips to choose the ones that suit you best.

One fascinating thing about necklaces is that they can work miracles on a look. We are looking to transform it into a more casual or elegant look to give it the touch of color or style. When they are the right ones, they are in charge of transforming and providing the perfect “touch.”

But be careful; just as they enhance a look, they can also overload it in an unflattering way. Many leading accessories compete with each other, which is not good because there is no longer harmony in the overall look. Always look at the whole outfit.

The golden rule that will help you choose your necklace is to take it, first of all, as a tool. Then, since the necklace or pendant will attract all eyes, you can use it to direct those eyes to where you want them to go and away from where you want them to go away from. And by adapting its style to your body, you will be able to balance your image.

The first aspect to consider is your look. The neckline is also essential. A necklace in a V-shape goes best with a V-neck dress or blouse. This keeps the structure in a straight line. If you chose a boat neck sweater or a high collar, it’s best to pair it with a slightly longer gold chain. The impact of a necklace disappears if it is too short.

On the other hand, if you wear a strapless or off-the-shoulder dress, then a short necklace, such as a diamond choker necklace, is the best choice for you. Either way, make sure that the necklace does not fall below her neck. This creates a splendid and balanced effect between the bare neck and the bust. A necklace that falls down the back is also an option with an open-back dress.

If you are short in stature, then it is best to wear a shorter necklace. A longer chain emphasizes your height. A shorter necklace will make shorter women appear taller. A mix and match of short and long necklaces will give you a modern look.

Don’t forget to take into account the type of neck you have. Women with long necks can ideally wear short necklaces, chokers, or diamond choker necklaces. They “cut” with elegance, bringing harmony and balance to your figure. A long chain that you can wrap around several times also looks great on a slender neck.

On the other hand, women with shorter necks do not look good with a short necklace or pendant. Splitting it in half makes it visually even shorter, so what this physiognomy calls for is a long necklace. Combined with a good neckline, it will help to lengthen the neck in the eyes of others by shifting the point of view more towards the chest.

Also, consider that women with large breasts can use their necklaces to draw the eye away from their chests, using a diamond choker necklace or short pieces that divert attention from them. Avoid large and long chains, and especially Y-shaped pendants, which enhance cleavage.

On the contrary, women with small breasts who want to enhance it will achieve it with a long necklace or a pendant at the neckline level.

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