How to Use Instant Eyebrow Tint for Eyebrow Tinting

If anyone has a light blond eyebrow with the desire of filling them in every day, they can achieve this with less than ideal. However, all of that can change when they use Instant Eyebrow Tint for their home eyebrow tinting. All the tiny baby hairs that are otherwise concealed will fill out with this product, and they have shaped eyebrows. In just a few minutes, they can change their whole situation without worrying about carefully penciling their brows using delicate hair-like strokes.

Ladies may spend about $15 for eyebrow tinting, which is about two minutes of work. It is not a huge money or time commitment. However, it may feel unnecessary regardless. On the other hand, people can learn how they can tint their eyebrows the DIY way. With that, they can save a few bucks without taking any trip to the salon.

What Is Eyebrow Tinting?

Eyebrow tinting is the use of semi-permanent dye to define, shape, and enhance brows temporarily. People that are attempting this themselves will find the process pretty straightforward, which is the best part. It is surprisingly easy for people to tint their brows at home and all they need to do is choose the right formula and color.

It is no wonder that ladies go to great lengths to perfect their eyebrows, such as spending a fortune on brow-perfecting makeup with a promise of enhancing their imperfect arches forever. However, they can get similar results through brow tinting without adding extra minutes to their morning makeup routine. It is almost magical; use Instant Eyebrow Tint, and you won’t pay for an in-salon eyebrow tinting again!

How to Prepare for DIY Eyebrow Tinting

A lady must keep in mind the first thing is to ensure that their brows are makeup-free and clean. Next is to brush through their brows with a spoolie as they would typically do. They can prevent accidental staining of the skin by applying a thin layer of Vaseline around their eyebrow. With this, they can wipe away any dye on the skin easily. However, the dye will wash off their skin easily when they shower, even if they don’t add a protective layer of Vaseline.

What to Expect from DIY Eyebrow Tinting

After cleaning and prepping their brows, it is time to mix the color. Ladies must try to select two or three shades lighter than their eyebrow hair color, except their brows are entirely pale or gray blonde. If that is the case, they can go for two to three shades darker.

Ladies can expect different results from different kits they use to get the job done. However, many people have found Instant Eyebrow Tint to be the best. It is in powder form, and they need to empty one capsule of color into the tiny mixing bowl. After that, they will add an equal amount of developer cream. They can also get help to push all the powder color to one side of the bowl when they eyeball the amount of developer they need to add. It is time to mix it into a creamy paste then using a wooden stick provided. Then, apply the color.

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