French Work Jacket – What Is It?

What is the french work jacket?

In the early twenties, it was created for French workers like construction workers, engineers, mechanics, farmers, etc. to be worn as a workplace uniform. It has a durable fabric like cotton, moleskin, or twill. The french work jacket is structured in a way that it has a boxy loose cut to make it comfortable to move and work easily without being stuck and help your skin to be able to breathe more and be less sweaty, big front pockets to carry more tools and important documents to make it easy to access, it sometimes also includes big collar as extra protection from the weather by covering face later the styled it.

History of french work jacket

In the 1920s originally it was used as a uniform for construction workers and other site workers, after some 100 years later in french it is converted as a symbol of modern fashion which looks good with everything, people find french work jacket more versatile as it goes with almost anything. earlier they are advertised as engineer sack coats, these coats are constructed from heavy fabrics like canvas and denim. It came more into the limelight when French photographer Bill Cunningham added this jacket in his wardrobe as daily wear as it is easy to move and got pockets to put important things. 

How to style a french work jacket?

Initially, it is considered as a uniform but in the modern world where everyone seeks comfort, they find this jacket as a perfect replacement for other uncomfortable cloth, as it gives you a classy and retro look with the comfort of loose clothing With the growth of popularity they even included some more feathers like bi-swing shoulders and blanket lining. The most interesting thing about this is it can be worn on almost any outfit and still looks good. The best way to get the most out of it is by putting a layer of denim jacket and wear it with your favorite chinos with a white sneaker.

Why should you use a french work jacket?

In the modern world when we talk about fashion then all that comes to our mind is to more fashionable with comfort and that it matches with more things and a french work jacket has all these features, it can be worn with almost any outfit and still look cool it is loose that makes it more comfortable and breathable and with its big pocket you can carry your important things don’t need to relieve on carrying extra bag to carry things. There are many ways to style these jackets but one of the best way is to style them with retro shirts mens

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