6 New Lingerie Trends to Try This Summer

Lingerie is timeless. Those pieces that you already own will never go out of style. However, some upcoming options will rock your world. When you want to feel beautiful (even if no one sees it), try out some of these amazing summer lingerie trends.

Brightly Colored Sets

Lingerie usually sticks to classic colors. White, black, red… the list goes on. However, this year is seeing an uptick in brighter colors. Green, especially, seems to be popular! Bright greens for new beginnings, electric blues for playful flings… these colors and everything in between are great this year!

If you’ve never stepped outside of ‘traditional’ lingerie colors, now is the time! Popular retailers are going above and beyond to present lingerie in brighter, happier colors than ever before.

Detailed Bustiers

Sometimes, all you need is a good bustier. That’s certainly the rule this year! Intricate, detailed bustiers are everywhere. These pieces boost more than just your confidence. Add strategic ribbing, lace, beading, and other fancy details, and no one will be able to take their eyes off you!

More bustiers are available than ever before due to their rise in popularity. There’s sure to be a style to fit everyone. Have fun with it! Add a little personality to your lingerie with these sets.

Silk Slip Dresses

Silk slips are another timeless classic, though perhaps a little more modest than what we think of for ‘lingerie’. Turns out that these dresses are dominating in every field! You can wear them in the bedroom, as loungewear, or even out on the town. Throw on a blazer and some ankle boots and you’ve got a classy, sexy outfit for your night out.

The great thing about silk slip dresses becoming a trend is that you can find them everywhere! Some women will now be able to try these period-drama classics for the first time!

High-Rise Thongs

We were surprised to see high-rise thongs taking the place of more popular panty options this year. These thongs usually have a ton of lace, tulle, or other decorative fabric to rest high on your waist, creating the perfect feast for the eyes. This extra space allows for a lot of details.

Pair a high-rise thong with a matching detailed bustier – you’ll be a work of art. These pieces sync up perfectly. Mixing and matching can change your lingerie game for the better.

Touches of Tulle

Tulle is in this year! Pieces from every corner of the lingerie world are incorporating tulle into their pieces to accompany lace edges and fine details. Tulle can add a layer of mystery to your lingerie. The tasteful use of tulle in some sets is jaw-dropping.

Women’s lingerie has always included these lacy, see-through fabrics, but the way that some designers are using tulle cutouts is inspiring. Get your hands on these pieces while you can!

Long Satin Robes

Satin robes have been popular for a while, but they are coming back into style in a big way. If you already own a silk robe, consider picking up a few more while there are a variety of cuts and styles on offer.

A satin robe can make you feel luxurious, whether you’re trying to impress someone or just lounging around the house. Pair it with a silk slip dress to be swathed in comfortable, sleek fabrics.


Women’s lingerie has some surprising new trends, but the classics are still solid choices. Whether you want to feel great or look good for your special someone, Shop Style Shark can help. Our women’s lingerie collection includes a little bit of something for everyone. You’re sure to find your next favorite pieces in our collections!

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